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Previous Issues of The Cottage
The Cottage August/Mabon 2001 Issue

Previous Issues of The Cottage


The Cottage

Our Hompage with links to all of our issues

The Cottage April/Beltane Issue 2001

Beltane crafts, recipes, ritual,Monthly stone- Amber,
Monthly herb- Violet, Sabbat lore, Tea Gardens

The Cottage May/ Midsmmer Issue 2001

Midsummer/Litha recipes, crafts, moongardening, lavender, emeralds, Aphrodite, ritual, Moon magic, Dyad Moon

The Cottage June 2001 Issue

Self Initiation Ritual, Harvesting and Preserving Herbs,Making Ritual Cordials, Mead Moon, Lemon Balm, Summer Crafts

The Cottage July/Lammas Issue 2001

Lammas crafts, Lammas Recipes, Roses, Lammas Ritual, Moonstone, Demeter, Composting, Barley moon

The Crones Cottage

Our store featuring candles, insence, herbs, readings, spellkits, Ritual kits, and more

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