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Answers and advice from the Crones

Dear Crone's,
I have been studying Wicca for two months now. I have been looking into different wicca traditions. Im told I need to pick one and wondered what tradition you crones follow. I just can't decide which is best for me.
Thank you,

Merry Meet Sunfire,
When I read your email I was curious. Who told you you had to choose one tradition this early on in your studies?
If you get envolved in a coven you of course will be taught in the covens tradition right from the start. There is no choice to be made. If you are practicing solitary, there is no hurry. I firmly believe in making informed choices. When you are in the early stages of studying your belief system is still developing. As you move along you will find yourself drawn to particular teachings, this is when I feel a decision should be made. That is why I encourage those new to the path to expose themselves to everything they can get their hands on.
To answer your question Lavendermoon, Hazel, and I are solitary ecclectic. We are all solitary practitioners but work and celebrate together during sabbats and emergencies. We follow an ecclectic tradition which means we have designed a tradition that suits us and our beliefs. It fits us.We are in the process of developing classes and will be offering them in the near future.
Choosing a tradition is making a commitment to a doctrine of sorts and unfortunately I feel unless you are in a coven enviroment you will be missing out on far too much if you commit yourself this early on.