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Full Wine Moon


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Full Wine Moon
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The Cottage August/Mabon 2001 Issue

Septembers Moon- Wine Moon


September -- Blood Moon, Wine Moon
Marking the season when domestic animals were sacrificed for winter provisions. Libra's full moon occasionally became the Wine Moon when a grape harvest was expected to produce a superior vintage.

September is the time when the waning of the Sun becomes more evident. The days are noticeably shorter, and the leaves on the trees are starting to turn. The harvest is reaching its peak.

The Full Wine Moon Ritual celebrates the bounty of the Earth which supports and sustains us through the winter months. At this time we can also celebrate the bounty that Spirit brings into our lives.


Full Wine Moon Esbat Ritual

Purpose: To celebrate the bounty of the Earth Mother, which allows us to survive during the dormancy of winter.


White candle in candleholder, to represent Spirit
Fresh flower petals, to represent the bounty of the Earth
Clear glass bowl (a cauldron may also be used), filled with water
A piece of white cloth large enough to contain flower petals
The Working[i]

Oh Full Wine Moon, Mother Moon, you bring me the opportunity celebrate the bounty of the Earth and the bounty you have brought into my life.

Sprinkle flower petals on water. Light white candle.

Lady of the Moon, of the stars and the Earth;
Lord of the Sun, of the forests and hills;
I perform a ritual of thanks.
My love shines like the flame;
My love floats like the petals
Upon You.

Lady of the Waters, of flowers and the sea;
Lord of the Air, of horns and of fire;
I perform a ritual of thanks.
My love shines like the flame;
My love floats like the petals.
Upon You.

Lady of the Caves, of cats and snakes;
Lord of the Plains, of falcons and stags;
I perform a ritual of thanks.
My love shines like the flame;
My love floats like the petals
Upon You.[ii]

Sending the Energy[iii]

She changes everything she touches; everything she touches changes.
As this candle burns, my will be done.
This, or something better, for the Highest Good of all concerned.
Imagine celebratory energy flowing to God, Goddess, and Spirit; stand in Goddess position and "let go."

Remove the petals from the water. Place them in the center of the white cotton cloth. Wrap the cloth around the petals.

After the Ritual

Let the white candle burn out.

Take the white cotton cloth and the bowl with the water outside, along with the remainder of the wine, the cakes, the ashes from the incense, and the remains of the white candle. Pour the wine on the earth and place the cookie and ashes on the ground. Pour the water from the bowl or cauldron on the ground.

Dig a hole in the ground in which to put the wax from the candle and the white cloth with the flower petals.

I give these symbols of my thanks and devotion.
What I take I freely give.
Accept these offerings, Goddess and God.
May it strengthen my bonds with you.[iv]

Blessed be.

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