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The Cottage October/Samhain Issue

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Welcome Back to The Cottage!!!

Merry Meet and Welcome Back!

Lavender and I are happy to present you with the second half of our double Samhain Issue. We had so many things to share we couldn't place it all in just one E-zine. We've put together a Great Samhain Supper and a seperate kitchen devoted to Halloween treats. The Crone's Crafts is stuffed with craft ideas for the whole family. We've done a great page on Yarrow and information on Obsidian and the Oak and Holly Kings. Of course we've included a ritual and full moon info for this month.

We have also added new course offerings at our online University. The Tarot, Astrology and Candle Magick classes are all accepting students along with our Wicca 101 course.This month The Cottage is advertising for writers see the Join the staff page for more info. We hope you will enjoy this issue and thank you for your continued support. Blessings Gypsy

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