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The Cottage July/Lammas 2001 Issue
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Welcome friends to our Lammas issue. Gypsy and I have once again done it. We have done such marvelous research, delivering the creative and the phenomenal. In this issue, you will learn all about the wondeful history and symbolism of one of our many great goddesses, Demeter. We have provided for you this month, information on a well known herb, the Rose. We wanted to do this plant justice and show our readers that "The Rose" has multiple uses. You will enjoy all the wonderful recipes that we have provided. Our Crones have put together a wonderful Lammas supper. Once again, making the preparation easier for you and leaving behind the guess work.

Lammas is an important Sabbat. It is the first of the Harvest festivals. To celebrate such a wondeful occasion, Gysy has included a Lammas ritual from Akasha Emery. Our Crafts section this month is something that even Martha would be proud of. We have found numerous crafts that tie in with the sabbat. We will now let you enjoy this months issue of "The Crones Cottage" and once again want to thank you for being such dedicated readers.

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