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The Cottage July/Lammas 2001 Issue


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Monthly Moon Info

August -- Barley Moon

August Moon is also known as Corn Moon, Harvest Moon, and Barley Moon. This moon marks the beginning of the corn harvest and of drying herbs. This is the time for celebration with people who are close to you and also time to finish unfinished business in preparation for the introspection that the fall and winter bring. At this time of the year, the Full Dispute Moon brings us the opportunity to release any anger that we may be holding onto.The zodiac association is Leo.

Barley Moon

Cast Circle

Circle round as seasons turn
Strong as fire, evil will burn
Here's the temple of Witches' concern

Eastern winds, blow in, blow free
Join me now, be free! be free!

Southern fires warm and light
Join me here, be ever bright!

Western waters, flowing over
Join me here, be fluid cover!

Northern fields, flowing full
Join me here, do be my tool!

Luna, Lady in the Sky
Who rules me on this Harvest Night
The barley ripe, I drink to you
Shining down so full and white!

*meditation and beer drinking time (non-alcoholic O'Doul's is pretty good as that stuff goes)*

This is time to give thanks for the harvest, perhaps make wheat and corn dollies for healing.

A toast to the Moon, in farewell
O Luna! My heart does swell
at this departing!

Oh gentle North, who lets me rest
I say goodbye, thanks for help in my quest!

Oh covering West, who sheltered me
I say goodbye, I set you free!

Oh nurturing South, who keeps me warm
I say goodbye, o gentle form!

Oh wandering East, who tells long tales
I say goodbye, and watch you sail!

The circle is open, but never broken
May it go into the universe to do its healing work
and then return from whence it came!

copyright Diana Rajchel 1998



Full Dispute Moon Esbat Ritual
August - Ending anger
At the beginning of August is Lughnasa, the Sabbat of the first harvest. Mother Earth is beginning to give birth to the bounty which will support Her creatures through the winter.

Anger is a destructive emotion, which does far more damage to the one who is angry than the one who "caused" the anger. Releasing our hold on our anger allows us to take the energy that we have been using to keep it going and use that energy for more productive things.

As the times of the Waxing and Full Moon are most commonly used for attacting, rather than banishing, energies, this ritual is designed to help us release anger so that there is room in us for peace to take its place. Spirit will not remove that which we are holding onto. Our release of anger is necessary before it can be removed by Spirit and replaced with something better.

This ritual was created for the August, 2000 Full Dispute Moon Esbat.

Purpose: To release anger so it may be replaced by peace.


Lavender incense, to encourage tranquility
A lavender candle in candleholder, to encourage contact with Spirit
A piece of sugilite or amethyst, to connect us to Spirit energies
A cauldron filled with water
The Working[i]

Oh Full Dispute Moon, Mother Moon, you bring me the opportunity to end anger and thereby achieve peace. I choose to take advantage of this opportunity, using sugilite as my guide.
Hold sugilite in left hand.

I ask the energies of sugilite to remind me of my reasons for being in my physical body and for living on the Earth plane.

I ask the energies of sugilite to help me forgive others, and myself, since forgiveness ends anger, and brings peace.

From that place of peace, I ask sugilite to help me understand the lessons that I have chosen to learn during this visit to the physical realm.

In my left hand I hold sugilite, that I may be filled with love.

I place my right hand into this water, that any anger I feel toward myself or others may be released into this purifying element.

Put hand in water and, moving it widdershins, say:

I have been disturbed by anger about ___. I release that anger now, so that it may be replaced by peace and love.
Repeat until I have named and released all things for which I feel anger. Sprinkle salt into the water in the cauldron.

Into this water, I sprinkle salt, that the angry feelings released into this water may be purified.
Stir water three times deosil, from the North, with right index finger.

By the Power of Three, and by the powers of Water and Earth, the negative energy of my anger is now replaced by the powers of Peace and Love.

So mote it be.

I honor the powers of peace and love that now flow through me.

I ask the energies of sugilite to help me be ever mindful of the power of peace and love in my life and in the world.

Sending the Energy[ii]

She changes everything she touches; everything she touches changes.

As I light this candle, my will be done.

This, or something better, for the Highest Good of all concerned.

Light lavender candle. Imagine goal fulfilled, stand in Goddess position and "let go."

After the Ritual

Let the lavender candle burn out.

Take the remainder of wine and cakes, the ashes from the incense, and the cauldron full of water outside. Pour the wine on the earth and place the cookie and ashes on the ground. Then pour the water from the cauldron on the ground and say:

Under the Light of the Full Dispute Moon, I release the purified energy of my anger into the Earth, that it may be replaced by the love and peace of Spirit.

Blessed be.

Carry sugilite with me until next full moon.

From The Janic Tradition