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The Cottage May/Midsummer 2001 Issue

Welcome Back!

Welcome back friends. This is our second issue of "The Cottage". This issue was just as exciting to create as our last. Gypsy and I have wonderful things to share. We work very hard to bring you creative and magickal ideas to you, our readers. Things that we hope, you will be able to
share with your loved ones. Who knows, you may find something in our issues of "The Cottage" that will be passed down in your family, starting an entirely new tradition. Wouldn't that be nice? We both would like to thank our readers for the wonderful praises and feedback that we have recieved from our first issue.

This issue we have a wonderful selection of Lavender Recipes that will entice your taste palette. That is only the tip of the iceberg. Litha is an exciting time for many of us. Many changes occur during this month.
Temperatures are hotter and we celebrate the longest day of the year and the commencement of Summer. The Goddess manifests in her glory as Mother Earth and the God as theSun King. Colors are alive and vibrant, the gathering of loved ones celebrating all of nature and the wonderful representation of fertility and union surround us all.
Our other sections will be appealing in our celebration of Litha. We invite your letters and questions. We would like to include it in our section of "Ask the Crones" to share with our other readers. Anyone willing to contribute articles, recipes, spells, or even an experience, please feel free to email us at We
look forward to hearing from you.
Enjoy our May/Litha edition.
With warmest wishes and blessings,

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