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The Cottage May/Midsummer 2001 Issue


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Ask The Crones


Advice from The Crone's Cottage

This section of The Cottage is devoted to our readers. We will give you advice to the best of our abilities from our pagan point of veiw. If you wish to submit a question Please email and let us know if we can use your signature in the newsletter or if you would rather remain anonymous.


MM! I have found that over the last few months, I have collected knick knacks leftover from spells and rituals performed in the past. What could be done with the leftovers? I would really like to give back to the earth, however I find that some things should not be disposed of into the ground, for example candle wax. Please help!
Eden, PA

Blessings Eden,
I prefer to return to the earth most things used in a ritual that is biodegradable, but I know that this isn't always possible. I do, however, have good news for you. Most things utilized in a ritual such as herbs, water and ashes can be returned to mother earth. This can be done by burying it in your yard or at a park, even in a flower pot. Always make sure that the items are not harmful to the earth. They should be biodegradable. If it is an item that cannot be disposed of by returning to the earth, then you can try placing the remains in a bag. Sprinkle some sea salt over it to cleanse them and tie carefully to seal. Dispose as you would any other disposable material, in your trash. I prefer to say a chant of "space clearing" or any chant to clarify your space will do. Saying a chant is the way I provide closure but it isn't necessary to do, it is only my personal preference and touch.
Merry Part,
Lady Gwen



Merry Meet Crones,
I have just moved onto a new apartment and was looking for a blessing I can do on my new home. Can you suggest something simple I can do I don't have many magickal items or supplies. Merry Part,

Merry Meet John,
It is a very good idea to cleanse your new home of any negatives left behind by the previous tenants. The easiest way to do a cleaning is to go right out and buy yourself a new broom this is always a good idea when moving into a new space. Starting in the centermost part of your home ground and center yourself and you are ready to begin. Close you're eyes and feel the energies of the room you will be moving clockwise. Start to sweep moving outward in a clockwise direction the broom will gather the negative energies as you sweep. Continue sweeping in this fashion until you reach your front door. Sweep everything right out, close and lock the door, and finally mark the doorjamb with a protective symbol that has meaning to you whether it be a rune, pentacle, or something else the symbolism should be very clear to you. Your new home will be all clean and ready for you to fill with possitive energies.The very best of luck to you in your new home.


Dear Hazel,
I have been trying to grow chamomile from seed without any luck. I can't figure out why I'm having such a problem its supposed to be easy to grow and I'm usually very good with plants. Can you help?

Merry Meet Ashley,
The thing you may not realize with chamomile is that the seeds need light to germinate. Don't cover the seeds with soil just sprinkle them on top and pat them down. You should have seedlings in no time.
Blessings, Hazel