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The Cottage May/Midsummer 2001 Issue


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The Crone's Garden

A regular feature of THE COTTAGE

Merry Meet and Welcome back to the Garden. I was sitting at my kitcen table planing my vegetable garden this year when this month's topic jumped in my head. Since many of us will be putting in our veggies I decided to do gardening by the moon.I hope you find it useful.Enjoy!
Blessings Hazel


Your Great Grandma did it, So did Benjamin Franklin. They all planted gardens by the phases of the Moon, using a method practiced in rural communities for over two thousand years. It was so well established in the first century AD that it became part of the natural history that Pliny wrote about in his series of the same name. A method proven
successful over that length of time deserves more than a label of folklore. It warrants a trial in our gardens too.

The Moon travels through each one of the Zodiac signs about once a month--she stays in one sign about 2 1/2 days before moving on to the next one.There are different tasks assigned to each Sign according to it's planetary influences. Use common sense when interpreting these
dates, because you can't plant lettuce when there is snow on theground, even if the calendar says plant annual vegetables, and you can't turn a bed when it is too wet, or the dirt turns to hard lumps.You can start seeds inside under lights or in a greenhouse, and have them ready to go in the ground when the time and temperature are
right.Planting in the favorable signs and phases of the moon can improve the strength and vigor of your plants, and give them every advantage by working with the natural energy of the moon.There are two types of influence that the moon has on planting.

The first is the phase the moon is in, waxing or waning , when the pull of lunar gravity effects root and leaf growth. Just as the moon pulls the ocean tides, it also pulls the smaller bodies of water, causing moisture to
rise closer to the surface during the waxing (increasing) moon, or drawing the roots down in the waning moon.

The second influence of the moon happens as it moves through the signs of the zodiac in the heavens every couple of days. Different signs are associated with the elements of earth, air, fire, and water. Water signs
are the most fruitful and productive,best for planting. Earth signs are mixed and favor specific plants.
Fire and air are barren and best for cultivating and harvesting. In between signs the moon is avoid of coarse, which is a good time to take a break and enjoy the fruits (and vegetables!) of your labors.



Aries tends to be dry and barren. It is a fiery and masculine sign. It is a good sign for cultivating, destroying noxious growth and pests, weeding and harvesting.



Taurus is fairly productive, moist, earthy and feminine, and sometimes referred to as semi-fertile. It is good for planting many crops, particularly root crops, but also leafy vegetables.



Gemini is barren, dry, airy and masculine, and not good for planting or transplanting. use this time for cultivation and destroying noxious growth, weeds and pests.



Cancer is fruitful, moist, watery and feminine. It is considered the most productive of all the signs and most frequently used for planting, seeding and irrigation. Above-ground and root crops will do well when planted in Cancer.



Fiery Leo is the most barren abd dry of all the signs. In short, forget anything except exterminating weeds and noxious growth, harvesting and cultivating.



Virgo is a moist but barren, earthy and feminine sign, once again good for destroying weeds and pests, but although vegetables will not do well if planted in Virgo, for many flowers and vines, it is a good planting sign.



Libra is airy and masculine but also semi-fertile and moist. It can be used for planting crops where good pulp growth and roots are desirable. This is another good sign for vines, and especially for flowers.



Scorpio is a very fruitful and moist, watery and feminine sign, and almost as productive as Cancer. Its particular quality is sturdiness. Plant most vegetables and flowers for abundance but don't dig potatoes during Scorpio.



Sagittarius is barren and dry, fiery and masculine, but good for fiery crops such as onion, garlic, peppers, chilli and radish. It's also a good time for cultivation and harvesting.



Capricorn is productive, earthy and feminine, a bit drier than Taurus but good for planting, especially tubers and potatoes, stone fruit trees and bulbs



Aquarius is another barren and dry sign, airy and masculine and best for extermination of pests, harvesting and cultivation.



Pisces is watery and feminine and one of the most fertile signs, so it is a great time for planting most types of crop.