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Ask the Crones

Advice from The Crone's Cottage

This section of The Cottage is devoted to our readers. We will give you advice to the best of our abilities from our pagan point of veiw. If you wish to submit a question Please email and let us know if we can use your signature in the newsletter or if you would rather remain anonymous.

This month I would like to put the advice aside and share some of the wonderful letters we have received.

What an excellent newsletter!!!!!!
I loved it all those recipes for lavender, I'm going to have to try some of them.....yum.
Could you please place me on your mailing list for future issues. I can hardly wait for the next one.

I've seen your link in the Eclectic Witches Way e list. Thanks for a
site! I'm glad also that you have an archives. I hate to miss good
And yes, please send me the email version. Thanks again!

Bright Blessings,

Merry Meet ladies. We are both members of the yahoo wiccan mailing
groups. I
wanted to congratulate you on your Wonderful cybermagazine. "The
Cottage" is
beautiful, complete and it makes me proud not ashamed to be a Pagan.
you. You are inspirations.
Have a peaceful Beltane. Blessed Be.

Merry Meet,

Oh my, I have enjoyed your first issue of The Crone Cottage and have already shared it with my friends. So well put together and just full of interesting and informative articles!

Keep up the good works. I cant wait to try some of the recipes Yummy!

Brightest Blessing,