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June Diety



Charge of the Horned God

Listen to the words of the Horned God, the Guardian of all things wild and free, and Keeper of the Gates of Death, whose Call all must answer:

"I am the fire within your heart... the yearning of your Soul. I am the Hunter of Knowledge and the Seeker of the Holy Quest; I who stand in the darkness of light; I am He whom you have called Death. I the Consort and Mate of Her we adore, call forth to thee."

"Heed My call beloved ones, come unto Me and learn the secrets of death and peace. I am the corn at harvest and the fruit on the trees. I am He who leads you home. Scourge and Flame, Blade and Blood these are Mine and gifts to thee."

"Call unto Me in the forest wild and on hilltop bare and seek Me in the Darkness Bright. I who have been called; Pan, Herne, Cernunnos, and Hades, speak to thee in thy search. Come dance and sing; come live and smile, for behold: this is My worship."

"You are My children and I am thy Father. On swift night wings it is I who lay you at the Mother's feet to be reborn and to return again. Thou who thinks to seek Me, know that I am the untamed wind, the fury of storm and passion in your Soul. Seek Me with pride and humility, but seek Me best with love and strength. For this is My path, and I love not the weak and fearful. Hear my call on long Winter nights and we shall stand together guarding Her Earth as She sleeps."

The Horned God
As I was researching this months diety I realized that we Wiccans place such an emphasis on The Goddess,
The God sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. I incorporate both dieties into my rituals because I feel that the male / female polarity is important in maintaining balance. Some traditions center wholely around the Goddess but of course, as with most things Wiccan,
this is entirely personal and according to the tradition you follow.

He is a gentle lover, a compassionate hunter, a loving father and a strong warrior who fights for justice. He is the lord of wild things, the life force that runs through us all, men and women alike.It is believed the Horned God represents sexuality, vitality, the hunt, logic and power. But, he does not exploit his attributes nor will he let them be exploited. He is considered to be gentle, tender and compassionate in a masculine manner.Wiccans will normally wear a horned crown on their head or a necklace of bone during rites to show their connection to the Horned God.

The Horned God, the most "male" in the conventional sense, of the Goddess projections, is the eternal Hunter, and also the animal which is hunted. He is the beast who is sacrificed that human life may go on, as well as the sacrificer, the one who sheds blood. He is also seen as the sun, eternally hunting the moon across the sky. The waxing and waning of the sun throughout the seasons manifest the cycle of birth and death, creation and dissolution, separation and return.

The horns of the Horned God are believed to represent his domain over the woodlands, and his association with the bull and ram, the animal consorts of the Goddess. Horns are an old symbol of power. The Horned Gods of Witches are often shown as goats (Pan), Stags (Herne) or Bulls (Faunus) this was because these animals were found in herds and they were symbols of prosperity. It is also very interesting to note a male phallus was consider a horn, or when erect as being horny.His horns also symbolize the crescent moon, the symbol of the Goddess, and represents the increase in all things and waxing fertility.

Horned God Invocation

By the flame that burneth brightly,O Horned One! I call Thy name into the night.

O Ancient One!

Thee I invoke by the Moon-led sea!

By the standing stone and twisted tree.

By the nameless shore, forgotten and lone

Come where the round of the dance is trod

Horn and hood of the goat foot God!

By moonlight meadow, on dusky hill

When haunted wood is hushed and still,

Come to the charm of the chanted prayer,

As the moon bewitches the night air

Envoke Thy powers that potent bide,

In shining stream and the sacred tide

In firey flame by starlight pale,

A In a shadowy host that rides the gale.

And by the ferdrakes fairy haunted

Of forests wild and woods enchanted

And come?O come!

To the heart-beat's drum!

Come to me who gathers below

When the broad white Moon is climbing slow

Come to me who gather to the heaven's height

I hear thy hooves on the wind of the night!

As black tree branches shake and sigh,

By joy and terror I know Thee nigh

I speake the spell Thy power unlocks At Solstice and Equinox!


God Oil

2 parts Frankincense
2 parts Cinnamon
1 part Bay
1 part rosemary
1 part Musk

Wear to honor the Horned God during rituals