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Welcome to the first edition of "THE COTTAGE"
We hope you enjoy this issue and can see the vision we have for future editions of this newsletter.
Lavendermoon and I have been reasearching this project for quite sometime and are so excited to see our dream finally come together.
As you can see we are planing several features to run as regular in each edition. The kitchen,garden,crafts,stone, herb,ritual/spell,and mailbag will return month after month. We hope to keep adding features in the future as time and resources allow. Anyone willing to contribute articles, recipes, spell, or the like please do email us at We look forward to hearing from you.
Enjoy the April edition and look forward to more of the same. Blessings Gypsy

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The Crone's Cottage

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Table of Contents
APRIL 2001


The Crone's Garden

The Crone's Kitchen

Herb Of The Month

Gem of the Month

April Diety

Beltane Ritual

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The Crone's Cottage

Crone's Crafts

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