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The Cottage Special Fairie Issue
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The Cottage Special Fairie Issue

Finally it's here! We started out with a fairy page in our May issue of the cottage, being a Midsummer issue it seemed important to include the Fae folk. However, rather than just spit out little tidbits on the Fae Folk, we decided it is better to put out an informative issue as opposed to a faint one. As usual, we got busy researching and well you see the result was an overwhelming abundance of information too wide to narrow down into a single page. So for you Fairy fanatics out there, We present an entire Fairy Edition.
How many of us have desired secretly to view a fairy? We loved tinkerbell in PeterPan and the beautiful fairy of Pinocchio. We loved Shakesperes "Midsummer Nights Dream" and of course all the fairy stories and lore we have
read. The Crone's Cottage are great believers in the magick of fairies and what they bring to our lives. In this special feature we share alot of our learnings of fairy folk, especially the fact that they do not like being called "fairy" but prefer being called "the Folk". This edition of Fairy Folk is a celebration of one of the many informative articles we will be delivering to our readers hopefully throughtout our many future features. We hope you enjoy our contribution and celebrate with us "Our good neighbors".


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Table of Contents
January 2000

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